What’s Happening at Blessed Sacrament Academy


Parents’ Academy

With two more months in our funding year, the Precious Minds—New Connection program is set to exceed the target number of graduates. We committed to 200 graduates and if all the folks currently attending the final three courses graduate, we will be at 211! It has been a great year and we were just awarded funding for year 11 in the amount of $118,304.  This officially makes our PMNC program a MILLION DOLLAR program.  After recently totaling all the funding the Kronkosky Foundation has given for Precious Minds, it was discovered year 11 will push us over the million dollar mark. We are blessed in so many ways in our work to help children and families!

For more information about the Parent’s Academy, please contact:

Kathy Lozano       210-532-0894

Child Development Center

Wasting no daylight, the Child Development Center added Grades 1-5 to their care through the Discovery Program for the summer on June 4, 2012. Many of these children were here in their very early years and return each summer to enjoy  summer activities like swimming,  library, day in the park, cooking and in general staying active.

We said goodbye to our Pre-K class in a well planned graduation ceremony – complete with song,  awards and “diplomas”. Most went on to Kindergarten able to read sight words, ready for education in the “big school”.  They take with them the memory that humor and enjoyment is important.

The children and parents laughed at  the Funny Awards:  Southside Reporter award went to Samantha for her adeptness in reporting volumes of news when she comes to school.  The lawyer award went to Marisa. She can talk herself out of anything. Redirection only makes her more adamant in her understandings.  The Steven Irwin award went to Joshua who waxes eloquent on his pets, from lizards to felines.  We can only hope that succeeding graduations will be as delightful as this their first one.

For more information about the Child Development Center, contact Carol Silva 210.532. 5363

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