What your child’s day would look like at our Child Development Center

The Child Development Center is one of the programs addressing education and family well-being on the Blessed Sacrament Academy campus. Many of our families are looking for affordable and quality care for their children in order to continue working or attending school. CDC’s classroom curriculum prepares young children for success in school by providing age appropriate activities and learning experiences.

For example, if you were one of our four year olds, what would your day look like? The Pre-K classrooms include the use of learning centers—which create a specific learning environment. For instance, there are reading, shopping, STEM activities and puzzle areas. An article by Janis Strasser and Lisa Mufson Koeppel on the NAEYC website states, “Learning centers are important places where all children can develop cognitive, social, and emotional skills as they imagine, create, converse, and clean up together.”

Pre-K classes also enjoy play times where children learn. Play times can include individual and peer play, and specific exercises such as ‘parallel learning’ which is children helping each other. Parents/guardians have weekly “homework” which engages them in the educational process by encouraging reading books at home and discussing what was read.

All classrooms in the Child Development Center have similar curriculum, goals and family engagement activities according to the age of the child. Goals include language, literacy, social, motor and cognitive skills for every child who attends the CDC. Developmental evaluations follow each child throughout their time at CDC and progress is measured and evaluated with age specific tools.

And, of course, there is outdoor exercise, music, dancing, art and other fun activities that add to a child’s experience and growth.

We invite you to visit our Center and/or refer family and friends to find out more. Call Carol Silva, Director, at 210.532.5363 or email csilva@blessedsacramentacademysa.org


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