Updates and Blessings from Blessed Sacrament Academy

Child Development Center

Blessed Sacrement AcademyThe Child Development Center is happy to report an increase in enrollment. Our accountants, Venturity Financial Partners questioned why the food costs were so much higher this month. We happily reported to them that this was a good thing. In addition to an increase in enrollment, we are feeding Foster Grandparents from our Center and other child cares during a series of 8 parenting classes taught by Kathy Lozano in our Parents’ Academy. Also, Carol Silva, director of our Child Care Center, explained that we have good eaters and have started serving seconds.

Blessed Sacrament AcademyPor Vida Academy

The Veterans of Foreign Wars prepared their 3rd annual barbeque for our Por Vida Academy staff and students. One of our staff is a member. He explained that among us preparing the meal were many purple hearts, bearers of shrapnel and wounds not so easily seen. The students were appropriately effusive in their thanks. It might have well been that one of their fellow students who calling out the names of the VFW members and his own comrades were responding as much to him as to the heroism of the older generation. Nevertheless, it blended well.

When they asked me to tell the assembled lunch crowd who I was, I pointed to the 4th floor of the Convent/Admin building to a window on the very top and told them that was my room from which I could observe their behavior and take action whenever appropriate, I heard a “no wonder” before the rest of the sentence faded. Again the mood of the day was such that it all blended in and all was well. All departed in laughter – as it needs to be for the young, at least from time to time.

Fiesta Week

It’s Fiesta Time in San Antonio. Today, Friday, is the Battle of Flowers parade. It might as well be a holiday. All is quiet around schools. The parade calls them to city center, like lemmings to the sea. All, except those who prefer the silence left in the outer reaches of the city! The sun is shining, the weather is cool, the trees are greening, the quiet is healing. Holy Week next! Life is on one piece.

Sister Odilia Korenek

The ministry of Blessed Sacrament Academy is one of HOPE.  We offer hope for families and youth who have come to the brink of giving up.

Our Mission is to accompany families, and youth without families, on a walk to a life of success and self-sufficiency.

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