Two Woman – One Miracle

A Christmas message from Sister Stephanie Marie Martinez, IWBS

Sister Annunciata Shumbera, one of our elder Sisters, passed away in late October in Victoria, TX.  On Sunday, October 22, 2017, Sr. Magdalen and I stopped at the funeral home to make our visitation before returning to San Antonio.

Touching her heart, we prayed that she would intercede for us and touch the hearts of our alumni and friends to help us financially with our ministry.  Sr. Annunciata had been our director when we were in formation and held a special place in my heart.
Monday morning, I again whispered my prayer to her.

Sister Stephanie with a group of BSA Alumni at the Convent annual Christmas breakfast

On Tuesday morning, Sr. Odilia called me into her office and showed me a check from Mr. Frank Hall, brother to our alumna, Dorothy Hall Parizek, who had passed away last February.

Whenever Dorothy came to town from California, she would come by and take me to Bud Jones for lunch.  She dubbed me Sr. Gabriela, Cristina, and Joyce.  Dorothy supported our many BSA projects until she became ill.  When her mother died, Betty Chrisman and I attended the funeral and met most of her family. Because of congregational meetings, I did not attend her funeral.

In his letter with the check, Mr. Hall’s lawyer stated that Dorothy had left monies to several of her charities.  Because she had a special loyalty to us Sisters and to BSA, she wanted to make sure we were included in her will.

Our God answered my prayer through Sr. Annunciata and Dorothy Parizek and I am so grateful to these two women who touched so many lives while they were alive and continue to do so even now.

At this special Christmas season, the time of giving and receiving, all of us at BSA are most grateful to all of you who share your treasure with us so generously.  And to you, families of those who have made us a part of their will, we keep them and you in our daily prayers.  It is because of you that our sacred ministry continues to embrace so many lives.

Christmas blessings to you and to all of your loved ones.


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  1. Mary Lou Gonzalez Perry says:

    Merry Christmas, BSA. God bless you for all your hard work.

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