Thanks to our Big Give SA Donors

Congratulations and appreciation to The Big Give SA leadership and staff on the great venture into fundraising your brought to San Antonio culminating in outstanding success on May 6, 2104.

Blessed Sacrament Academy thanks the many donors who joined ranks with us in making this “responsible compassion” event possible. We are grateful to our families and staff who gave of the little they have and helped make a giant San Antonio giving possible. We thank staff, family and friends who continue to respond to us as we offer them the opportunity to give to our ministries. We thank Los Angeles, Connecticut and far-flung towns in Texas for joining hands and hearts with us in this endeavor. It’s a missionary effort which touches my heart and soul. You/we are beautiful spirits walking together to build a caring and compassionate world. I borrow from our Jewish brothers and sisters as I say Yasher Koach! Translated “let us walk from strength to strength” or let us go forth in strength. And, so may it be.

Sister Odilia

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