Student finds a path to success at Por Vida Academy

Blue Flores is an engaging, capable young man who found success taking an alternate path for his high school education. A recent graduate of Por Vida Academy Charter High School, he’s currently in his second year of studies at Alamo Colleges with plans to transfer to UT Austin for a degree in social work. In the meantime, Flores is volunteering at Blessed Sacrament Academy as an intern at Parents’ Academy.

How Flores made this alternate path a personal success is a story indicative of many students who find themselves, for any number of reasons, at Por Vida Academy. Flores was in his junior year at Brackenridge when a combination of negative situations, both in school and family related, lead to his departure.  “I felt lost, alone and extremely vulnerable,” said Flores. After a few months at Por Vida Academy, he realized the staff was on his side. “The teachers and mentors basically picked me up off the floor by helping me set goals, encouraging me every step of the way.”

“It has been a great privilege to see Flores tap into the potential he always had, but not always recognized,” said Isai Melgoza, PVA Counselor. “This time last year, he was wrapping up his senior year of high school early. In January 2018 he began his first semester of college. And, after taking the maximum class loads and testing out of some classes, he is a student close to transferring to UT Austin. He went from a student at-risk of dropping out to making us all proud.”

Flores talks with a CPS case worker regarding program services offered by Parents’ Academy.

As a Parents’ Academy intern, Flores is being introduced to issues which may affect families under stress. He participates in classroom discussions, helps with marketing Parents’ Academy and assists with other organizational needs.

“Having Flores join Parents’ Academy as an intern has been a “win-win” situation,” said Kathy Lozano, Parents’ Academy Director. “I have seen his skills develop and his confidence increase through the process and projects of Parents’ Academy. It has been a pleasure mentoring Blue as he shares his passion for helping others. He is a welcome addition to our team!”

For information about Por Vida Academy Charter High School, phone 210.775.1132.

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