Sticky Wickets 20 Year Anniversary Celebration

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Blessed Sacrament Academy

Sticky Wickets has been an exciting and beneficial fund-raiser for the programs which care for, train and educate the children of Blessed Sacrament Academy for the past 20 years. In 2011, we will celebrate this milestone with our faithful supporters and with the children who are the recipients of our good works in a venue more conducive to shared words of gratitude and joy.

As you might remember, Blessed Sacrament Academy houses an array of programs which guide the lives of vulnerable children, teens and adults. All, in the end, are here for the benefit of children who need special protection and development. Our exceptional Child Development Center is a place of delight and safety for children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years. The alternative high school draws young people who are often alone in their life search for an educational and social network which guides them to develop the skills, talents and attitudes they need to get a job, enter the military or attend college. Parents’ Academy skillfully and unselfishly educates and supports those whose most important task is to care for and direct their children. A BSA satellite of the Jewish Family Service makes possible counseling and social services our families need to manage the many challenges and pitfalls of life. The Bexar County Ropes Challenge Course is here to shift understanding, attitudes and behaviors which are harmful to a teen’s development into maturity.

We are grateful for community resources which assist us in this often daunting task of rescuing families and homeless teens from the brink of helplessness. It is this purpose that our yearly Sticky Wicket event serves. Once more we offer you the opportunity to partner with us in this fruitful work; this time it is in a new format as we celebrate 20 years of working together in our outreach to those in need of a helping hand. Some of you might say with the old Irishman who was told upon being asked for directions, “to tell the truth, if I were going there, I wouldn’t start from here.” In the work we do, we start from where our time and resources place us. We are hopeful that you will join us in this new venue as we continue to develop ideas and options which benefit our children.

Your contributions are so important to the well-being, growth and development of hundreds of children, who though now on the slippery slope of poverty, abuse and neglect, will one day become those who will make a positive mark on society and reach back to help others.

It is a blessing to today’s children that you are one of those reaching “back” to help others either gain or regain their footing. We are grateful for your partnership.

If you are interested in supporting our ministry and joining us in this event, please contact:

Sister Odilia Korenek or Sister Stephanie Marie Martinez at 532-4731.


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