Soccer Discovery

Blessded Sacrament Academy

Where's the ball? Must be here somewhere.

“We had a blast!” The excited Discovery students exclaimed, as they recorded their 1st foray into our new soccer field. Teacher Natalie had a blast right along with students. “We found only one hole and we covered that”, she added. And for me, that was the test case for which I was looking. “ One more dry run”, I thought, “and we will declare it ready for a wider use”.

All of us are grateful to H.B. Zachry construction for plowing up the field, planting the grass and watering it through the drought. We are learning what Pro Bono means! Now we are looking for a pro bono soccer fan who can teach us the rules which go beyond, “I know how to play soccer. My grandma watches it all day on TV.” Call us at 532-4731 and ask for Sister Odilia.

Summer fun on the new soccer field.

It's all about team work.

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