Programs and Services

The campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy (BSA) at 1135 Mission Road has graced the Southside of San Antonio since 1926. A ministry of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, BSA continues to impact the lives of individuals and strengthened families on a daily basis.

The Sisters first opened an all-girls school in 1926. Then, as Sister Odilia Korenek, the undeniable force in charge of BSA says, “things changed.” Throughout the years, the demographics of the area changed, and the population became affected by socio-economic problems. The Sisters responded by refocusing their programs to serve the needs of an increasingly vulnerable population.

Today, the campus supports an array of services–all with the common thread of bringing hope.

Child Development Center

Parents’ Academy

Por Vida Academy Charter High School

Jewish Family Service

Ropes Challenge Course–Bexar County sponsored

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