Ropes Challenge Course-Bexar Co.

Welcome to the Bexar County Ropes Challenge Program located at Blessed Sacrament Academy.

Everett Henderson, Program Director

Bexar CountySometimes you have to go out on a limb and think outside the box. In 1993, that’s exactly what Joey Cavazos and the Bexar County Juvenile Probation Department did.

The Ropes Program as we know it was the brain child of Probation Officer Joey Cavazos. He was assigned to the Intensive Supervision Probation unit designated to work with gang members. These individuals were usually repeat offenders and often adjudicated felons. Joey felt that there had to be more we can do with these types of offenders instead of watching them progress through the justice system.

In 1996, the program was officially adopted and designed to work exclusively with Gang members from Bexar County. The program experienced great success in working the target audience and respectfully maintained a recidivism rate of 78% to 80%.

Joey Cavazos and Bexar County had the idea for the program and Blessed Sacrament had the land and location. Together they formulated usage agreements and the Ropes Course was constructed on the property behind Blessed Sacrament Academy. Now, not only do we serve the children of Bexar County but the students of Blessed Sacrament Academy as well.

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