Por Vida Academy Charter High School

Por Vida Academy Charter High School is an alternative high school on the campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy.


2017 graduates listen to Baccalaureate speaker Enrique Salinas, a 2013 graduate and current mentor.

Por Vida Academy offers three types of diplomas for students seeking an alternative to public schools.

• Traditional diploma
• Credit recovery (with no age limit)
• GED classes (PVA is an official GED Testing Center)

Lighting up lives at Por Vida

Imagine the school building decorated with a light for every student’s life sparked to success by attending Por Vida Academy. It would be lit up like a giant Christmas tree.


Teamwork, parental involvement, perseverance, adaptive academics, nonjudgmental mentoring, and compassion are just a few of the means to an end – giving each student a personal chance to become a high school graduate.
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Items needed for Por Vida Academy registration:

  • Official copy of transcript from last school attended
  • Birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Shot records
  • Proof of residency
  • If registering for Lab and student is 18+up, must provide Texas Driver’s License or ID
  • If on probation, student needs “Condition of Probation” Plan
  • If student has children, their birth certificates must also be provided.

For more information about Por Vida Academy,  contact: +1 (210) 775-1132

14 Responses to Por Vida Academy Charter High School

  1. sandra reyes says:

    Por Vida has been an excellent school for my son. My son was very trouble with the lost of his father in his life. Which, lead to emotional behavior outburst. A behavior that a SAISD staffs would not acknowledge but label as a bad student. So, I knew a SAISD was not a school for him. Until, i enrolled him in Por Vida Charter School. The staffs are very understanding, that create a bonding relationship. Staffs try to find a solution to the problem. Por Vida does not leave any students behind nor label you, they give there all because they believe in there students to a second chance in there life. Which, he receives at Por Vida. My son has transition to a better young man and working harder to be a great successful student. Which I am a very proud parent.
    Most teacher are forgetting humanity. Many are caught up and start abusing their authorities figures. When they are suppose to help our students. Do not belittle them, try to understand these students, they are crying out for help!

  2. My daughter graduated from Blessed Academy over 10 years ago! She did very well at the school and the teachers understood her. I highly recommend this school for any child that is struggling with the public high school. Most times teachers in public high school will have such a high ratio of students and the one that is struggling will just get lost in the crowd. Becoming frustrated and eventually dropping out. We owe it to our children to look for an alternative when things are not going well. Education is too important to just throw it away!

  3. Hope Evans says:

    I just want to welcome all the students to class this coming month. I hope this will be a very enriching year for all. Welcome to the staff, as well. My prayers will be with each of you. Your friend, Hope Evans May God be witheach one of you. I will be praying for all of you.

  4. I add my sincere thanks to all those who partner with us in our mission to children and young people of San Antonio and some from outside the city limits.
    So much good comes from this campus. And, it takes the community to make that so.

  5. Gloria Martinez Shulenburg says:

    I am a grad from Por Vida from class of 2004. Not a day goes by that I don’t give thanks for what they did for my brothers and I. I still talk to a few people who I attended school with. I’m glad to see that the school has grown so much since I last attended. Mr. Langseth (not sure if I spelled it right) was the principal when I was there. Some of my best memories were made at that school and I still remember all the things we did there. Like when we made our mascots out of iron and hung them on the school gym. I miss walking those halls!

  6. Steve Ochoa says:

    I was a teacher there in 1991-1993. It was a great place.We had a boys basketball team that left behind a legacy. Sister Mildred was the best.

  7. marie MOE delagarza says:

    CALLING ALL STUDENTS FROM CLASSES 1998-2007 WE ARE HOSTING OUR VERY FIRST REUNION! MAY 3, 2014 BSA C.H.S AND POR VIDA H.S. Please email us at Jaguars_Reunion@yahoo.Com or add us on facebook search: BSA CYBER REUNION GROUP or MOE DIZZLE please and thank you!

  8. Candelario Alvarez says:

    I was a student back in 1993-1996 at this great school. It was an honor to attend a school that allowed me to turn my life around and be the man I am today. You can never say enough about any teacher that taught at this school because you knew that these teachers do care about what they do and whose life they impact along the way. When I graduated 18 years ago I joined the service and vowed to return to give back to a school that has given to me. I will retire from the service in two months and start on my teaching degree. If you ever need that second chance in life to make things right this is the place that gives you that fresh start.

  9. Adrian Garcia says:

    I was a student and graduated in 1993 and I remember coach Steve and Sister Mildred. I can’t express enough how grateful I am to have attended BSA during a difficult time in my life. I had great memories and enjoyed making new friends when I was there. It was a steppingstone to continue my educational dream. Now having completed my Masters degree I never forget where I came from.

    Adrian Garcia
    1993 alumni

    • marylauracarter says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences at Por Vida. May we use your comment in our newsletter?
      Please feel free to come and visit us any time.
      The Staff at Blessed Sacrament Academy

  10. Adrian Garcia says:

    Yes that would be great and I plan to stop by and visit.

  11. jattungaima says:

    i have a kid but i am missing to much day of school i wanting to stay coming to the school

  12. Chris reyes says:

    I graduated from pva in 2013 best choice I ever made as much as I was stuck in a certain path they never gave up and put me in the right direction saw some schools from out of state different living that I never thought I would see before great experience great teaching same diploma Thanks pva
    P.s and I was a great athlete hopeful to coach one day.

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