Parents’ Academy

Parent's Academy

Parents’ Academy Fall 2015 Schedule

Working with families who are struggling to provide a better future for their children is a journey of insights, empathy and understanding.

The Parents’ Academy is a free program in San Antonio for families with older children that is open any parent, grandparent, or foster parent who wants to strength their family situation. We also accept families with a CPS case. Many families would not be able to find reliable childcare to allow them to attend a class. Our qualified and caring childcare workers solve that problem. The whole family enjoys a hot meal before each lesson, making the class evenings a night the family looks forward to.

 Precious Minds – New Connections  Blessed Sacrament Academy was awarded a grant by the Kronkosky Foundation to be used to provide information to families with children ages newborn to age three at home. The program was designed by the foundation to focus on helping families understand child development from birth; and how to give a child the security and support to develop cognitively, emotionally and physically. The Kronkosky grant enables Blessed Sacrament Academy to reach out into the community and provide a workshop (eight (8) sessions), child care during the sessions, meals for everyone attending (including the children), and child’s book for each family to take home and enjoy all free of charge. The program encourages a cycle of healthy parenting practices and is a valuable training course for new parents, foster parents, and caregivers alike.

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“Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours” is a six lesson program that builds positive discipline and effective communication skills for families. The goal of the program is to build family success through interactive classes that teach new techniques for raising children in an ever changing world.

The Parents Academy welcomes parents of children of all ages and is open to the public.

For more information please contact:       Kathy Lozano       210-532-0894

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  1. Hope Evans says:

    This is wonderful for parents! It gives them the information they so desperately need to take care of and understand their children’s development.

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  3. Christina says:

    Do you provide babysitting for parents?

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