Parents’ Academy

Parent's Academy

The Precious Minds class is for families with children up to age four, meets for eight weeks and include meals, childcare and awards for all participants. 

Parents’ Academy offers free parenting classes for families who seek support in raising healthy, well adjusted children. All parents and caregivers are welcome to join the program which includes free meals and childcare at each lesson.

If you are interested in making this investment in your children or grandchildren, give us a call at 532-0894 for more information and registration.

Precious Minds New Connections is a nine week program for families with children under three. Class activities focus on giving your child the best start in life in the early years of development. This program is funded by the Kronkosky Foundation.

This program servesApril 7 grads precious minds families with CPS cases or other court requirement.

“This program gave me strength and the ability to give my children structure. The Parents’ Academy will be a BIG part of my success story when all is said and done.”  2014 Class Attendee


The Parents Academy welcomes parents of children of all ages and is open to the public.

For more information please contact:       Kathy Lozano       210-532-0894

6 Responses to Parents’ Academy

  1. Hope Evans says:

    This is wonderful for parents! It gives them the information they so desperately need to take care of and understand their children’s development.

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  3. Christina says:

    Do you provide babysitting for parents?

  4. Karen Moore says:

    Hi, this class was recommended by a teacher from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church in Selma, Tx We are grandparents trying to help raise our grandchildren and would love to enhance our skills. We are interested in the next session.

  5. korrin reynolds says:

    This class has been amazing. Kathy is a wonderful instructor and has kept my attention the entire time. I recommend this class to everybody and anybody even those who have been parenting for years. There is always something new to learn.

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