Parents’ Academy–Unconditional Love

From time to time, our staff reflects on the ministry at Blessed Sacrament Academy.   Here is a reflection from Kathy Lozano, Director of the Parents’ Academy.

Every class I teach, no matter whether I am working with first time parents, grandparents, childcare providers, probation officers or teen moms, the first concept we explore is unconditional love. I hand each person a yellow star and ask them to write the names of anyone in their life, past or present, who has made them feel like a star.  Read more

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from attending a class at the Parents’ Academy, please contact Kathy Lozano or phone 210.532.0894

The ministry of Blessed Sacrament Academy is one of HOPE.  We offer hope for families and youth who have come to the brink of giving up.

Our Mission is to accompany families, and youth without families, on a walk to a life of success and self-sufficiency.

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