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Blessed Sacrament Academy Child Development Center and Parents’ Academy 3K “Walk for Families”


BSA Child Development Center & Parents’ Academy 3k “Walk for Families,” is an effort to raise funds so we may continue in our mission of empowering families through loving hearts and quality supportive services. The walkathon is not only a fundraiser, but encourages quality family time, health/fitness, and BSA pride!

The walk will be held at the beautiful Concepcion Park on the morning of Saturday March 24th with games and activities to follow.  If you would like to learn more and register to participate in the walkathon click here (registration packet enclosed) 

Although you are not required to participate in order to donate, we would love to see you there proudly walking for the cause.  We have a goal to raise $5,000 in donations alone, and we are confident we can achieve this with your help!  We dedicate ourselves year after year to serving families because it is not only our program mission, but our passion. With your support and generous donations, we can continue empowering families through loving hearts and supportive services.  Donate now to support your walker and/or the cause of serving families in our community through quality child care services and parent education!

New Boiler

When the old boiler was declared defunct in about August of 2011, the Sisters of Blessed Sacrament Academy believed that we could deal with the Texas winter with a few electric space heaters. Well, … the second cold snap brought us to our knees in fervent prayer for our old steam system which warmed us so well in previous years. So we caved in and called Alamo Boiler. The news was a challenge. It would take six weeks to build.

Then there were Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Then came Happy New Year. Then came out more blankets and shawls and …….. then a few wonderings, hopings and even a smattering of murmurings. On January 6, 2012 came those magic words, “you’re going to be warm tonight”. “We connected the electricity temporarily so you can us it.” Then Paul added, “I gave up my vacation so that you could be warm. My mom went to school here and she said that I had to do this for the Sisters.”

And so in gratitude we enjoy the delicious warmth of a new boiler. Space heaters just don’t cut it in a building of this nature. We appreciate the walls staying warm even when the boiler is off. We learned something about boilers and we learned that in the older years of our lives, warmth is just a precious thing. Now we wait for the inspector, then we put the end covers on – and we have a nice new blue box in place of the huge rusted one, which did a mammoth service for so many years. Sr. Scholastica would be in wonderment – having to learn a new boiler’s ways.

Birdies for Charity

BSA’s annual fundraiser, Birdies For Charity was initiated with a kick-up breakfast at Valero Energy in November, 2011. We began the process of guessing Birdies and asking for donations in December. We have until April to secure funding – which is then matched by Valero. With as little as a $20 Donation you can guess the number of Birdies at the 2012 Golf Tournament and be entered in a raffle for a car. Ask us about this triple opportunity.

Making Progress on the New Cafeteria

January 14, 2012

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