New Family Workshops at Parents’ Academy

Ready to reduce your family stress and build your family success by learning new parenting skills in a supportive environment with other parents? Have you been thinking your parenting skills might benefit from a “tune up” and some new insights?  Maybe a night out of the house with dinner and childcare sounds attractive…if so, Parents’ Academy has just what you’re looking for!

Our new workshop, “Positive Discipline Toolbox” combines concepts and community as families share the joys and challenges of raising children of all ages. The eight lesson format is designed to give parents insights, information and group support . The program offers more than just a skill set for guiding children; it provides parents with an opportunity to connect with others and grow as leaders in their families. Thanks to a generous donation from a private trust, families who join Parents’ Academy are gifted with 8 evenings of class, complete with family dinner and childcare.

Parent Coach and program director, Kathy Lozano, has led Parents’ Academy since its inception in 1994. Based on 22 years as a parent educator, Kathy designed this program to equip parents with what she believes are the most important elements of family success. Listening to and learning from thousands of parents over the years, Kathy knows the pain points of parents and has implemented best practices for optimal learning. Group activities and reflections give parents the opportunity to explore concepts and share their insights and experiences.

One of the current parents, Joe, summed up the value of the workshop: “Parenting class allows us to share all the emotions, life lessons, struggles and accomplishments that we go through as parents on a daily basis…It is therapeutic and encouraging.” Hope stated, “Parents’ Academy has helped me become a more conscious and aware parent…I am more in tune to my nurturing side and am able to communicate more efficiently with my family when I am in need of help or becoming frustrated.”

Parents’ Academy exists to strengthen and empower families. New workshops are starting soon! To learn more, visit or call Kathy Lozano at 210-532-0894



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