Mission Road Collaborative Neighborhood Night Out

The Texas Neighborhood Night Out Initiative found us busy putting out clothing which the neighbors could snag for a $1.00 per bag. You can have as much as you can pack into your sack was the message to which some 450 people responded. “Stuff” was rounded up by Seton Home, Por Vida Academy, St. Peter/St. Joseph Home, Jewish Family Service and Blessed Sacrament Academy Child Development Center and Parents’ Academy. Filene’s Basement and Joskes move over! The old mesquite tree at Blessed Sacrament Academy easily matched you in environment!

The Mission Road Collaborative meets monthly to:  share ministries and resources and to see how we can collaborate with one another in being of service to the people in our neighborhood and beyond. Our collaborative efforts are guided by a Memorandum of Understanding. Our 1st successful collaboration was to have the VIA bus route detour from Roosevelt Avenue to our strip along what the Mayor of San Antonio calls the Corridor of Care.

This was our second joint effort at bringing the neighborhood community together for a common sharing of needs and services. District 3 Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna’s office provided water, hotdogs, candy, decorations and a DJ. The Jewish Family Service handed out oranges and soda pop. High School, Child Development Center, Parents’ Academy, St. PJ’s and Seton Home set-up, served guests and took down.

There are so many stories coming out of an event like this one. One which makes me chuckle is an elderly gentleman carrying a cup with what looked like dog bones. I thought it must be some sort of bread or cookie. I was about to ask if I could snip off a piece and give it a taste, when I stopped to ask what it was. “Dog bones”, he said and pointed in the direction of the Humane Society. Whew. That was close one!

San Antonio Mayor Castro

PVA student entertains young guests. Face Painter’s Mom, a former student at St. Leo School, is the hair designer. “It’s a phase that I would rather be a part of than not,” she offered.

Clothes sale

Councilwoman Leticia Ozuna

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