Like a Crystal Vase

Be like a crystal vase, our founding Mother, Venerable Jeanne Chezard de Matel said to us, through which all who see you, see me. Maybe, — we thought, a picture would help — or how about getting someone to etch in the design? So, who can make one, we begin to ask? After many phone calls, the web turned out to be the answer. Canada turned out to be the country. Now several shipments later we have crystal – well, glass – vases in our houses as visual reminders of this idea. Richard Smith of Design/Etch tried out a few models. Then the choosing began.

This one or that one or this one? Soon enough we chose the smiling resurrected Jesus who was teaching his Apostles how to fish – and was healing wounds and fears at the same time. The Apostle Paul reminds us that “by His wounds we are healed”. My heart has decided. I’m going fishing too.

Thanks and blessings to Richard Smith of Design/Etch for patiently sketching the designs and then etching the vases. His talent is a blessing to us. His etchings continue to remind us to unite faith with life, to live out our mission of manifesting and celebrating, ever better, the Mystery of Christ.

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