Life is a balancing act

Roxanne is wind-burned, homeless, tormented by the voices in her head. She has a “membership card” to Haven for Hope and that’s her fall-back position. She continues to come to the church where we daily worship. Without fail, she stands before me, holds out her hand and asks, “Do you have my change?” At first, I was surprised by her audacity. Now we have a rather comfortable relationship. If I have change I give it. If I don’t, I give her my attention and my hand in greeting.

She reminds me how often I ask God for much more than change. I ask for healing for someone who is terminally ill. I ask for jobs for those without. I ask for understanding for a child who is being bullied. I ask for courage and wisdom for teachers working in difficult situations. I ask for money to help us complete the kitchen in our new cafeteria. I ask for help for children who are neglected and abused. Understanding that we are all connected at the level of God with us, I too audaciously continue to ask. Thank you, Roxanne for helping me see more and more of the threads making up the human system which is held together by the God we slowly come to trust because we ourselves have become trust worthy.

“It’s making it,” shouts little Samantha each morning as her mother brings her to our Child Development Center. What is “making it”, is our new cafeteria building. Samantha checks out the progress day by day and is excited to announce that indeed we will soon have a finished building. Right now, it looks like this:

It’s making it!”

I think Samantha would like to hear what our contractor has to say: “I actually care for your project more than any other thus far in my career. You are doing your work for all of the right reasons and I appreciate what you do – I will help you get this building done.”

And then there are those God sends us to help with answering other people’s prayers.

With intolerance and absolutism taking greater hold in a frightened America, it is no wonder that “You are the only church we have,” is now heard in some of our conversations with people who walk in wanting a place to connect to the God who loves us all as His children. There is much sadness which finds its way to our chapel. We are privileged that God sends both the abandoned and those experiencing great joy on any one day to seek consolation or to give thanks in our dedicated God space. It might be the chapel or it might be on a bench under the huge pecan trees. The preference is our own. God waits for us to show up wherever and whenever we can.

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