GARDEN OF DREAMS at Por Vida Academy

Everything is connected. We’ve heard that many a time. A concrete expression of that axiom came to live among us. Herein is the nature of it. Barbara Zerr an alumna of Blessed Sacrament Academy called, wondering if we had something her grandson could do for an Eagle Scout Project.

The calendar rolled over another month, another year and a phone call from Sharon Boren arrived. Could she and her son Grant Boren, grandson and Eagle Scout hopeful, come to visit, to observe, to discuss a possible Eagle Scout Project? And so they arrived – mom, dad and Grant. They looked over the plans we prepared for a garden area we pictured in a quadrangle between the clinic and the science lab/social worker portable.

The principal requested a boulder, a bubbling fountain, rubberized ground cover and a variety of plants. I wanted indestructible benches, a drain traversing from tip to end, and no bubbling water fountain. The nurse wanted raised beds for vegetables and flowers. The Borens never blinked!

And, when they returned, they had ideas of their own. This plant rather than that would work better. One boulder, not two, would fit their expanding budget. How about pebbles rather than rubberized mulch? For a Boy Scout project this was becoming huge. Yet, not to worry, grandparents, parents, Grant and other scouts and parents pulled together and it happened.

How will we call the new space, I asked? I had ideas of my own. Yet, I was pleased when the students from our alternative high school came back with the answer, “ we want to call it the Garden of Dreams”. I knew the project had made its mark, both for Grant and for us.

The pages of permission, explanation and completion have been signed, sealed and delivered. Grant Boren was declared an Eagle Scout – an accomplishment of demonstrated responsibility and honor. And he left us with:

Our Garden of Dreams - Boy Scout Troupe 307 Eagle Scout Grant Boren

Corn is tasseling (two ears of it). Sweet potatoes are due in early September. Eggplant is blossoming, tomato plants sport a few green tomatoes, herbs are ready for use, jalapeños are green and bushy and without fruit. Angie Branson, nurse and gardener, is wondering why there is a rather sparse harvest. We shake our heads and offer the consolation that the weather has just has been too hot, the worst ever. Next week the students will arrive and get a lesson in plant recognition and perhaps see the fruit of it in the Fall.

We continue in gratitude to Grant Boren, Mom and family for a project which will last and last. Your contributions and hard work live on in plants, bird bath, benches and just a lovely atmosphere in a space of green earth. We thank you. God bless you.

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