Contingency Fund at Blessed Sacrament Academy


Everyone who owns a home, car, or appliance recognizes that word ‘contingency’.  It’s official meaning is an unforeseen event or emergency that is going to cost money you didn’t have in your budget.  Things like appliance failure, roof leaks, car repairs, even lost eyeglasses, or the need for something as small as a new pair of shoes can trigger the response “Oops – how am I going to pay for this?”

Blessed Sacrament Academy has some of those same problems. Run with a tightly controlled budget and a finite income, any unexpected problem can cause us to ask the question, “How are we going to pay for this?”

A few years ago, Inspired by BSA Alumna Carol Whitlock of Mariam, Kansas,
BSA created an “Oops” fund seeded with her donation.  We are grateful to Carol for her support of BSA as the founder of the Contingency Fund which has saved the day a number of times.

Unexpected problems are often compounded by the mere age of our facilities–having been built in 1926.  Our current need is the mapping and replacement of the main water pipes to the Convent/Office building. The original equipment’s age and the surrounding shifting soil are causing leaks and other problems in the building.  Please consider your gift to BSA’s Contingency Fund by donating online.

You may also call us with your credit card information at 210. 532.4731 or mail a check to
Blessed Sacrament Academy, 1135 Mission Road, San Antonio, TX 78210.

Thank you. God bless you
Sister Odilia Korenek, Executive Director
Sister Stephanie Marie Martinez
& BSA Sisters

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  1. Sr. Odilia Korenek says:

    Thanks. What a joy to have you doing this for us. So I’m sitting at sears waiting for a tire change. Much time negotiating a price on a replacement sears put on a month ago.

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