Clothes donations wanted for Por Vida high school students

February 8, 2013

Good morning, angels of the highways and byways,

Asking if you have contacts who might be interested in dressing up some of our Por VIda students:

· Young Gentlemen’s Club is looking for suits for their Joven Noble guys. They sell nachos and soft drinks daily and have purchased some 6 suits. These are encouraged to wear suits on Wednesdays. It’s quite startling to seem them in their suits.   And their behaviors are also quite different. Looking for good used suits. If you know of anyone who has a suite hanging unused in their closets, tell them to bring them on down!

· Young Ladies Club is looking for prom dresses for their April prom and for a ballroom dance activity.

· Looking for tennis shoes high school girls who have been walking and bike riding in their flip-flops.

· Looking for socks to wear with the tennis shoes.

I will get sizes, etc. However, basically anything which would fit a high school student will work. The two tallest basketball players have their suits as they are daily helpers at the nacho sales, so that takes care of the tall situation.

Here are the sizes:

Girls – dress sizes 2 -18

Girls tennis shoe/socks size – 5 to 9 ½

Boys suits – small to x large

Thanks for being our connection to anyone who would like to respond to a need such as this.


Sr. Odilia Korenek

Blessed Sacrament Academy

1135 Mission Road

San Antonio, Texas 78210


210-534-2882 fax

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