Celebrating With the “Home Folk”

Our 2011 Sticky Wickets found us celebrating our 20th. We did it family style. The beautifully renovated Incarnate Word Chapel of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word embraced our Sticky Wicket family during a Liturgy of Incarnate Word ChapelUnity and Thanksgiving. Behind the altar, or stage as some would call it, was an array of the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament from Victoria, Texas, BSA alumni, friends and sponsors leading the way with joyfully grateful songs. As the eye moved from floor to ceiling is feasted on the elegance of the colors, the medallions of Texas flowers, the four bronze reliefs of the founding Sisters, an astounding crucifix and other more hidden items revealed to the discerning eye.

Patsy Torres, Tejano artist, stood in front of the magnificent backdrop and sang Heroes.

In song, she told the audience of the wonder of their compassion and work as they reach out with monetary and in-kind resources to assist the Sisters and Staff at Blessed Sacrament Academy in their daily work with children and youth vulnerable to the forces of society which do not support a stable family life. “You are the heroes”, she sang. We experience her as a powerful emissary for good and a model for our young.

Next ….. down the long aisle of a shiny floor came children, staff, sponsors, partners in our ministBlessed Sacrament Academyry and the liturgical minister waving colorful ribbons affixed to a dowel – walking in to the accompaniment of Joyful, Joyful on piano played by Sr. Agnesine Heinsch.

Ken Slavin of the jazz and cabaret era sang a meditative rendition of Amazing Grace. The silence in the chapel made room for inspiration, awe and thanksgiving. What a beautiful friend we have in Ken.

We are a mixture of political and religious beliefs bound together like “home folk” around our care for children expressed in our annual fundraiser, the Sticky Wickets.

We are listed in the Fiesta Magazine. We paid our Fiesta dues. However, this year we stopped to celebrate without an official tournament. Even the few pitches set up for backyard croquet play were mostly left empty as the Sticky Wickets “family” gathered at the Brackenridge Villa for food and conversation. On the veranda, tables with donated model cars advertised, “Buy a Car to Win a Car” in a Birdies for Charity display. All 20 cars sold in rapid succession! Each new car owner filled out a Birdies for Charity form and a 2fer was born!

Our Croquet Tournament will return in 2012 to the campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy. Some of the “home folk” missed having the Tournament this year. Many of them were grateful for the opportunity to celebrate in the special way we did.

Next year – 1135 Mission Road, croquet mallets in hand.

Sister Odilia Korenek

Sticky Wickets Coordinator

The ministry of Blessed Sacrament Academy is one of HOPE.  We offer hope for families and youth who have come to the brink of giving up.

Our Mission is to accompany families, and youth without families, on a walk to a life of success and self-sufficiency.

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  1. Ken Slavin says:

    Hello, Sister Odilia! I never saw this posting until today! What a lovely review of the big event last year. It was an honor to participate! Much love to you and all of BSA! — Ken Slavin

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