BSA Contingency Fund Matters

Everyone who owns a home, car, or appliance recognizes that word ‘contingency’.  Its official meaning is an unforeseen event or emergency that is going to cost money you didn’t have in your budget.

Blessed Sacrament Academy has some of those same problems as families do.  Unexpected problems are often compounded by the historic age of our facilities. A few years ago, inspired by BSA Alumna Carol Whitlock of Mariam, Kansas, BSA created an “Oops” fund seeded with her donation.  Ann and John Woody and Dianne Solano, friends of BSA, quickly came on board with a monthly contribution.

Thanks to other ongoing alumna donors and husbands who contribute with an “as needed” intent include Theresa and Mike Clary, Lupe and Richard Garansuay, Georgia and John Hall, Rosalie and Raul Rodriguez, Connie and Joe Guerrero, Olga and Leopoldo Vasquez, Rose Mary & Francis Duras, Ana Maria Pascual-Carr.

After a successful Go Fund Me campaign to replace defunct air-conditioners in the cafeteria and Parents’ Academy, two air conditioners went out in the children’s area.
So gratefully, we turned to the Contingency Fund to have our little ones back in cool air.

Another sigh of relief happened when a routine gas test revealed a leak somewhere. Turned out it was a regulator on the gym roof which malfunctioned.  Finding it was the trick.  Building after building was isolated with no smell to guide us.  God continues to guide our journey of faith.  God continues to nudge people to help us as we continue our ministry to children and young people.  THANK YOU.

Donors choose various routes to join us in this “OOPS ministry. To use a credit card find us on our Giving Opportunities page.

Checks are sent to Blessed Sacrament Academy, 1135 Mission Road,  San Antonio, Texas 78210.  Cash finds its way up the front steps.

All approaches are appreciated and used for the safety, care, education and mentoring of our children.  God bless you.

Many prayers are prayed for you by

Sister Odilia Korenek & Sister Stephanie Marie Martinez


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2 Responses to BSA Contingency Fund Matters

  1. Hope Evans says:

    I love your way of stating things. Your blogging skills never cease to amaze me. I am grateful to God for the so many blessing I have received (particularly lately) recently. It is nice to hear that those special people give where needed. God truly has the best people in charge and those answering the call to serve as teachers, Mentors and Grandmothers there at BSA. God bless you all!

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