BSA celebrates National Neighborhood Night Out

The Mission Road Collaborative joined to prepare and celebrate Neighborhood Night Out on Oct. 1, 2013. “I enjoy this more than Fiesta”, Jose confided. Why? “There is no fighting.”

natl night out

Zumba class on the green spot


What WAS there included: hotdogs, sno-cones, rummage riot, HIV testing, San Antonio Food Bank, International Art and Designs, HallMark College, Affordable Health Care, apples, oranges and other snacks, freeze dancing, musical chairs, face painting and various mascots. Carter the Recycling Dumpster, H-E-Buddy, Tex the Shelter in Place Turtle , McGruff the Crime Dog, and surprise neighborhood gorilla showed up.


Our newly elected District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, Constable Ruben Tejeda, EMS and the Fire Department mingled with the neighborhood residents. A couple of police showed up during the second half. I came upon a mother taking a picture of her son in the back seat of the police car. She was asking the policeman to step aside so her younger son could sit in the driver’s seat. I image there is a lesson embedded in that picture!

We met neighbors we didn’t know we had. Their richness of spirit outshines the poverty of their little homes. That’s how I ran into gorilla man. Could he please go home and come back dressed as a gorilla? Welll…. “As long as you don’t purposely scare the children”, we agreed after his sister and his father vouched for him! He tried to be friendly and most enjoyed him. Of course, there were still a few who would have nothing to do with him!

Another neighbor summarized our Neighborhood Night Out beautifully, “I love it here,” she volunteered with her radiant smile – minus her front teeth. God shone out wonderfully from her sparkly eyes.

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  1. Cathey Buchta says:

    Sounds like it was an awesome event and something to bring the community together in a great, positive setting! Keep up the good work!

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