Blessing the new cafeteria for Por Vida and Blessed Sacrament Academy

a reflection by Sister Stephanie Marie Martinez, IWBS

This has been a work of deep faith, many hands and hearts, and countless prayers–all the glory and thanks go to the Incarnate Word, Who kept us going, made us believers, and, in the process, helped us evangelize and witness His love, mercy, and compassion.

The initial dream began on July 19, 2009, when I attended a workshop on grant writing with the Grantmanship Center and had to take a project to work on, so we did a cafeteria/clinic building project. The 27 people attending, from TX, CA, TN, MS, IL, & OK, were divided into groups of 3-5 persons and worked together on a project. When I presented the Blessed Sacrament Academy (BSA) idea, two other groups broke up and came to join mine. They were so taken up with what we do here at BSA. Suffice to say, that now, three years later, the project is a beautiful welcoming building, calling us to celebrate, to continue the IWBS legacy.

Last week when I sent the Grantmanship Center and some of the attendees that I have kept up with, the invitation, Covina, the lady who had taught us, replied that she had known that this project was going to be a success, for it had God’s stamp on it. Supposedly, I had been the one person in the class who was sold on the project and it showed in how I presented it and us. She also said that when she was told a nun would be in her class, she determined that she would not be swayed into talking about religion. At that time I was not aware of any this. I gave myself totally to learning and getting as much out of the class as I could, for it did cost. She did have other Catholics in class–Seton Hospital, St. Edward’s University, Mater Dei HS; however, I was the only nun. On Thursday, she said that for us, the sky is the limit!

The development directors of St. Edward’s University, Scott & White Hospital in Temple, and Goodwill of Austin, who had taken the class with me, all called to say they would not be here, but were proud that they had given us their imput and support at the workshop.

I am proud of what Ricardo, the architect, drew up for us, and thank D. Willson for building it, and Sr. Odilia, for keeping it all going so that it would be completed. The obstacles were many; however, she encouraged, supported, and worked with Carlos, the foreman, to see that all was a go for us.

Ribbon Cutting

I believe that through this project, faith deepened, friendships were renewed, and the San Antonio community enhanced by our presence here at BSA.

Again, thanks and may our God continue to keep us in the palm of God’s hands.

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Ribbon Cutting: Francisco Morales PVA student, Judy Manglberger Valero Energy, Peter Zanoni Assistant City Manager, Sr. Stephana Marbach General Superior, Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament, Rosemary Kowalski The RK Group, President Emeritus, Julie Bedell Bill Greehey Family Foundation, Martin Martinez PVA Student

This picture is courtesy of Carol Sowa from Today’s Catholic

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