Blessed Sacrament Academy–seasonal message

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Partners in Mission,

Still celebrating a Christmas of beautiful sights, songs, smells and sounds, I think of how when Mary was asked to be the Mother of the Messiah, she asked “How can this be?”

Then when the angels swooped down from heaven on Christmas night to escort the shepherds to the stable, they must have also wondered, “how can this be?”

I too wonder, “how can this be?” that God chose to take on our humanity ….. and, that so many of you continue to partner with us in our ministry of hope and promise to those who live on the manger side of the city.

Please consider putting in your puzzle piece of God’s plan for us at the level that you are willing and able.

And so I ask you, will you support our children again by contributing to the Birdies for Charity program Valero co-sponsors with Golf San Antonio for the benefit of participating non-profits. The amount we make is matched by Valero Energy. In addition and over and above the Valero contribution, several non-profits are awarded grants by Golf San Antonio. It is an exceptional fundraiser for us. If your choose you can make your contribution on-line at

Your contributions help to support our Pepper Tree For Education Scholarships for children whose families experience temporary financial hardship — which the family tries to take care of by removing their children from our child care program, leaving children in questionable and even harmful care. This year problems with the heating systems in two of the classrooms required unbudgeted expenditures. Larger unemployment numbers have stretched our child care resources further as we reach out in assistance to especially needy families.

Together we hold the pieces needed to create an environment of promise and hope for children and youth who have come into life without the advantage of a stable family. Or, perhaps it is that in light of the stable family syndrome (of the Bethlehem variety) we are called to provide room in the inn of their spirits.

Thank you for being part of an outstanding team of supporters.

Respectfully in the Word,

Sister Odilia Korenek, Director

Blessed Sacrament Academy

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