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From Sister Odilia Korenek

I’ve been gone for some time now – gone from my website.  My friend Laura Carter called me back.  She built this website and adds my pieces when I send them.  It’s strange.  There are so many things I do independently.  Yet, for this task I need a friend,  a reminder, someone who takes some of the pieces of my life and pulls them together into a meaningful whole.  I’m grateful to her for that.

Since I last appeared in this space,  Easter has come and gone.  I spent the day with seven of my twelve siblings, and their families.  Easter is the time for the youngest of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren to re-acquaint themselves with each other.  I think it’s the Easter Egg hunt in the freshly grown green Spring  grass and the abundance of flowers which brings them out.  There were a dozen or so boy cousins aging from 6 – 11 years of age who played with total abandon in the large front yard.  No amount of announcing that it was time to eat halted their games. Wise mothers let them play.   One grandmother kept announcing the obvious.  Conversations was plentiful and free-flowing.  It was a beautiful place to be. For that steadying influence on my live,  I am grateful.

BSA New Cafeteria is making progress

April 26 the wall are up!

Since I last appeared in this space,  our new cafeteria building has taken on the shape of inner walls – CMU blocks growing at a rapid pace.  Those who funded us have been involved via pictures sent by e-mail.  They say they love to see the weekly and sometimes daily progress.

Since I last appeared in this space,  the Congregation I belong to has elected new leadership.  We engaged in communal discernment as the way to see most clearly what kind of leadership we need in order to do the task of making the Kingdom of God visible on earth during our time as Jesus made it visible during the time He spent on earth.  The many meetings,  much prayer and conversation which led to the discernment of leadership now leads us to the discernment of the direction we will take  during the next six years.  It was in intense time for us.  It was a holy time for us.

Since I last appeared in this space we held our 1st Annual Walkathon along the San Antonio River near where we live and work.   We participated in Birdies for Charity with the Valero Texas Golf Open.   We mourned (sort of) the passing of our beloved Sticky Wickets Tournament.

Since I last appeared in this space,  changes have happened in my spirit which continue calling me to new spaces which are as yet unknown to me.   Of such is the journey of discernment, of such is the love of God.

I remain grateful to Laura for calling me back to this space, a new space in our world of ever expanding communication and learning brought to us by an amazing technology which jumps over and through all kinds of systems and places and spaces.

It is probably fortunate that we have friends outside ourselves who call us to play.  This is what  a friend who lives in Connecticut did for us last week.   He sent ten lobsters from Maine for the ten of us to enjoy as we celebrated the birthday of one of us.  We blabbered and jabbered as we tried to access the meat of the lobster.  Only one of us gave up and gave away her portion.

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