Blessed Sacrament Academy Celebrates Groundbreaking For New Cafeteria

The rains fell, the wind blew, children sang with great joy, high school students delivered golden shovels and although lacking drill team precision, donors stayed dry while deftly displacing a bit of dirt to the delight of the vanishing crowd.

“The rain is a sign of God’s blessings”, Judy Manglberger from Valero Energy Corp, was heard to say.

“Come on over and co-shovel with me,” Bert Pfiester, CEO of Respite Care and Friend of Blessed Sacrament Academy invited.

“We’re so glad we could be part of this exciting project,” smiled Councilwoman Jennifer Ramos.

We are so, so grateful to God and to our benefactors: City of San Antonio (COSA), Valero Energy Foundation,

Bill Greehey Family Foundation, Koch Foundation, BSA Alumni and Friends, Archdiocese of San Antonio, H-E-B, Myra Pryor Charitable Trust, George Strake Foundation. Their generosity and faith in our children, youth and families is admirable and to be held up for distinction. We hold you dear in our hearts and prayers.

One of my favorite memories is and will be 4 and 5 year old children singing a blessing song for all of us while they sneaked hands and arms outside the tent to feel the rain and the cool wind. The singing increased in energy as the wind increased in speed on this day of December 15, 2011. “Thank you God, for giving us rain. Thank you God for giving us Friends, Thank you God for giving us people who care.” They vigorously thanked our donors, friends and supporters, the sun, the rain, parents, etc. Our whole focus is children and it is as it should be that they are up front and center at times like this.

Not coincidentally, it was on this day in 1639 that the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament who own and operate Blessed Sacrament Academy were officially recognized in Avignon, France. We are far from the original home and yet we are at home wherever the people we serve live.

And on this afternoon – where did the vanishing crowd go?

Well, the students went back to class. Just a bit earlier in the program whispers could be heard coming from this group, “they won’t say our names will they”? This was followed by, “ahh, they said they wouldn’t say our names”. Yet, each walked up with confidently to hand over a shovel, shake the hand of a donor and offer a word of thanks. Way to go Jaguars!

More photos on BSA Facebook page.

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