Birdies for Charity – A Valero Energy Corporation Gift to Non-Profits

The BlessedValero logo Sacrament Academy Child Development Center and Parents’ Academy have joined hands in creating fundraisers to bring in dollars for Birdies of Charity.

A silent auction on Valentine’s Day added excitement to that already beautiful day. The greatest victory was when David got out-bid for a plate of cookies. He maintains the floors and so passes that part of the Child Care many times a day. He was keeping a lead until some sharp teacher screeched in right before closing of Auction at 3:00 pm and bumped him off. The double-headed coin of rejoicing and sadness was fully experienced!Birdies _sa

Saturday brings a rummage sale, the next week another Lotteria and finally a fish fry. Funds gained at these events are placed into the Birdies for Charity fund, sent to Valero for calculation and returned to the non-profit after the golf tournament. Incentive bonus bucks are given to non-profits who reach certain goals throughout the process, beginning with October of the previous year. To donate on-line go to Your contributions will have a triple blessing — honoring you, helping children and young people have a better chance at living a productive life, thus blessing the community. Thank you for sending good into our earth through your generosity.

Cafeteria name goes up under a brilliant sky:

St JosephsSt. Joseph Dining & Assembly Hall

St. Joseph is the main man when it comes to building – both funds and construction! He kept Mary and Jesus safe and in good health in the growing-up years of their earthly sojourn. And we look to him for the same.

Sister Odilia Korenek, Exec. Director

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