And God Said, Yes

by Sister Odilia Korenek, President of Blessed Sacrament Academy


After days of painful e-mails, the silence is strange. I’m wondering what happened to Karen. Karen, who was determined to enter Mexico, travel to Tulum to live with friends – sure that this was a better choice then the life she has here, what has happened to her? This woman of Slavic origin – is she still traveling? Is her life somewhere else right now? It’s a common enough story. Yet, for someone who calls you friend, it takes on a more personal nature.


A woman named Diana walked in with her passel of bags and purses. “She wants to see you”, the maintenance man said. I finished printing the last copies of Sharing the Word for this quarter and went to meet her. She took a deep breath and then held me in a huge hug, whispering, “I’m home. Thank God, I’m home”. And then, “I need to find the Sisters of St.Mary Magdalen”. Over a hastily assembled sandwich and other lunch-type accessories, the story of a painful past poured out. Our lives had intersected years ago at St. Leo School on San Antonio’s South side where I was Principal for 5 years. Somehow she found her way here. “Don’t you remember?” I was always in trouble and so you put me in charge of the bus. I made sure the others behaved!” I didn’t remember. For yesterday, I gave her lunch, a name and phone number and an invitation to come back if she needed further help.

Last Night 8:30 pm

No parking space available here. I walked with the computer guy tending to various computer problems on the campus and wondered about the people to whom we were ministering in the evening and into the night: high school students attending night class, parents and guardians attending parenting classes, individuals learning to handle their finances in Financial Peace University, Youth Basketball of America youngsters practicing basketball or playing games, clients who come in JFS for counseling to learn how to sort out and deal with painful issues in their lives.


A teacher arrives in tears having discovered that she has Bells Palsy. Having myself experienced a week of that malady last year, I was able to give assurance that it would soon go away. However, the blessing of a nearby chapel, prayer and an invitation to return as needed was the crowning comfort.

These “extracurricular activities” which enrich our days lead me to have many conversations with God.


God Conversation

And Jesus said,

We must do something to help them.

and God said

We gave them everything they need to figure it out.

and the Spirit said

Yes, but – Let me go remind them and point them in the right direction.

And God said,

Yes, go then.

And that conversation is my crowning comfort in the midst of the many mysteries of pain and love which find their way to our door.

And I pray for the grace to be able to also say “Yes, go then in peace.” And to know that this peace is true to God’s Word.

The ministry of Blessed Sacrament Academy is one of HOPE.  We offer hope for families and youth who have come to the brink of giving up.

Our Mission is to accompany families, and youth without families, on a walk to a life of success and self-sufficiency.

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