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1940 all-girls Missionetts marching band

Blessed Sacrament Academy (BSA) was established in 1926 as an all-girls institution. In 1989, BSA changed its mission to include a child development center and in 1990 an alternative high school diploma program succeeded the traditional high school program. In 1994, BSA started a program called Parents’ Academy.

The alternative high school program was awarded a school charter by the Texas State Board of Education. On August 1, 1996, the high school program was incorporated as a separate nonprofit organization and called Blessed Sacrament Academy Second Chance High School. Blessed Sacrament Academy Second Chance High School changed its name to Por Vida, Inc. In February 2001.


Our Mission is to accompany families and individuals on a walk to a life of success and self-sufficiency by providing education and offering hope for children, youth and families as expressed by our re-founding energy in the 1990s.

Along with other members of the Mission Road Collaborative which includes St. Peter and St. Joseph Children’s Home and Seton Home, the programs on the campus of Blessed Sacrament Academy respond to and serve the needs of a vulnerable population.

We offer hope for families and youth who have come to the brink of giving up. We have experienced that our world is better when we work together to give vulnerable families and youth the chance to get off the merry-go-round of dependence and need and give them the opportunity to become contributing members of our society.

Blessed Sacrament Academy houses an array of programs which do this.

  • Our exceptional Child Development Center gives families the opportunity to have a job knowing their children are being well cared for.
  • The alternative high school draws young people who are often alone in their life search into an educational and social network which guides them to develop the skills, talents and attitudes they need to get a job, enter the military or attend college.
  • Parents’ Academy ably and unselfishly educates and supports heads of households in their most important task of providing for and teaching children.
  • The Jewish Family Service makes possible counseling and social services our families need to manage the many challenges and pitfalls of life.
  • The Bexar County Ropes Challenge Course is here to shift understanding, attitudes and behaviors which are harmful to a teen’s development into maturity.

Contact Information

Blessed Sacrament Academy
1135 Mission Road
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Phone:  210-532-4731
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