91 Years Old: Still standing, but not standing still

This time last year, Blessed Sacrament Academy was commemorating its 90th Anniversary. In September ‘16 we held a special event bringing past and present friends, and alumni together for a celebration and appreciation of our founders, the Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament.

As the IWBS Sisters continue to provide leadership and inspiration for all our programs, no one is standing still. During the past year, there have been improvements and measurable growth in all the current programs on campus.

The Child Development Center began collaboration with the City of San Antonio providing four new classrooms for Early Head Start-Child Care Partnership serving ages 6 weeks up to 3 years of age. CDC open admission classrooms are currently at capacity enrollment. A new and improved BooFestSA, held in late October ‘16, reached a community-wide audience and was well attended.

Since the launch of Parents’ Academy’s new “Positive Discipline Toolbox” workshop in late January 2017, more than 70 parents have attended the eight-week course. In addition, an after-class support group was implemented with a core group of PA alumni who have been meeting on a regular basis.

Por Vida Academy Charter High School shared a $54M grant awarded by Youth Empowerment Services, Inc (YES) to four charter districts: George Gervin, Positive Solutions, Southwest Prep and Por Vida Academy. Funding will be used to increase teachers’ salaries to a competitive level promoting teacher retention, so important in building relationships with the students attending the alternative high school.

Core Engagement Group

The Corp Engagement Group, consisting of community and civic leaders, was established in February ‘16 has grown to include eight business/civic leaders who, in sharing our mission with others in San Antonio, have increased our circle of friends, donors and funders. This year we received more than $185K as a result of grant writing and asks, many directly facilitated by Core Group members.

Infrastructure Development

In its 91st year BSA reached back to experience an archeological dig.  The “diggers” were in search of possible artifacts from older civilizations who lived here before us.  The search, in turn, was precipitated by an increasingly problematic drainage problem at the back of our property, which in turn was caused by drainage from 90 surrounding acres to our “natural flow” territory.  Zika called us to search more diligently for the funds needed to correct this danger to our children.  Reprogramed Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money came to our rescue.

There was excitement about what the archeological team would find. To the disappointment of several of us, “the site consists of low density lithic debitage, fire-cracked rock and two buried thermal features”.  (taken from official report) The report concluded that this site is not eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.  The water detention basin being developed is back on schedule.

What’s next? We know God has a plan for us and is in control, therefore we trust Him to provide the means for Blessed Sacrament Academy to continue its vital mission to children, teens and families in our community


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  1. Hello Sister,
    Thanks for all the informaton. It is “great” what you all can do. I know it takes hard work but you all always have the energy to do “a little more”. I hope you are feeling a little better now and hope all the cancer is gone!!! I know it will take time for the body to heal to it’s old self but the “good Lord willing” it will be done. Our birthday’s are coming soon–I can’t believe that I will be 80 years old this December. I guess you will be 78 in October–right? The good Lord willing that we have some more good years left in our lifetime. Take care–praying for you for good health.

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