2018 New Year’s Resolution from our CEO

Why do we make resolutions? From my perspective it is a choice and a determination to become a “better person” as each year approaches and moves on. It’s the moving on that becomes problematic for me.  A resolution for the entire year grinds down to a stop.
I’ve made the choice not to invest any energy on resolutions as the New Year shows up on the horizon.

This year the talk in the office turned to “what is your resolution for 2018?” My response, “I no longer make New Year’s resolutions”.   Oh, my!   I decided to cooperate with the e-news request and give it a thought.

My thought led me to the conclusion that I already make a resolution each time I attend our Eucharist Liturgy.   When the presider invites us “to call to mind our sins”, I take the opportunity for a daily prayer asking God to free me from stubbornness and pride which plagued my life yesterday or to help me to be graciously present to people who request time and listening when I have this long list of things to do!

I hope and pray that when people tell me that they know I’m busy and they don’t want to bother me it is their own sensitivity rather than my subtle messages of “hurry up, please”. Each of these times and many more during the day is ripe for a resolution to take hold.

So, in addition to these times, I wondered what to do about the infamous New Year’s Resolution I was requested to think about. Well, the Ten Commandments have fallen in disfavor politically. However, there is a list of eight items left us by Jesus which people aren’t that familiar with and which have a plentiful supply of resolution material. So I’ve decided to take one of these eight for each month. That will take me to August, 2018!   Some will undoubtedly need a redo and then, who knows?

Resolution 1      January 2018

When Jesus saw his ministry drawing huge crowds, he climbed a hillside. Arriving at a quiet place, he sat down and began teaching them. This is what he said:
Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven (Reign of God).   Matthew 5:1&2
In other words, you’re blessed when you’ve lost it all. God’s Kingdom is there for the finding.       (From: The Message by Eugene H. Peterson)

Let Us Pray: Grant us the blessings of humility, the realization that all gifts and blessings come from the grace of God. Teach us to be empty to self and open to your Word so that with this inner openness and inner peace we can truly become builders of your Kingdom on earth.  Now, comes taking the time daily to probe this teaching further.   I’m praying to be loyal to this grace.  And suppose no inspiration surfaces? Hmm… That’s the risk we take on the spiritual journey. Yet, we can confidently move from day to day knowing that God is faithful.


Sister Odilia Korenek IWBS, CEO


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One Response to 2018 New Year’s Resolution from our CEO

  1. Pam Ulosevich says:

    My dear Sr. Odilia,
    Thank you for this thoughtful, insightful message – and for your openness and willingness to be challenged to think about “resolutions.” Otherwise, this powerful message may not have have come forth. I pray that I also will be challenged in a way that causes me to reflect on the Word and actively respond to it – so that I need not be “dragged” to the altar of grace. Lord, may I come freely…
    Pam Ulosevich

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